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Message not displaying problem in Yahoo [solved]


I was facing a problem with yahoo messenger, that the text I type and send is not seen in the window above, and also offline message was not displayed when I login to the messenger. Neither you can buzz. This problem was solved as I followed the steps below.

Go to Run -> HKEY-CURRENTUSER-> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Current Version -> Internet Settings -> Zones -> Delete folder other than 0,1,2,3,4

Try this worked fine in my case.

Multiple Login in Yahoo Messager


Most of use the yahoo messenger to login only one id. But only one installed version of yahoo message on your Windows OS can be used to login multiple yahoo id. Here is the basic setting for making your yahoo messenger multiple Login:
1. Click on start menu and click run. Or, directly press windows key+ R<br/>
2. Type ‘regedit’ without single quote and press enter.

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